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Every day more than 3000 people check to find out what is happening tonight.

For 12 Years, has been the go-to source for Live Music listings, and the number of people visiting is still growing. Today more than 20,000 different computers access each month, generating 134,000 visits per month. An average of 4300 visits per day.

We offer you the opportunity to advertise to local, socially active people who are already looking to go out and do something tonight. We allow you to reach them online, with all the information you could want to give them, only a click away.

Our ads are based on the most classic, and successful promotional tool: the poster. A well designed poster also works perfectly online and provides the largest, most eye-catching format for an ad you will find on the internet. No need to design a custom banner ad, just upload your existing poster or design a new ad that works as either.

Advertise Your Business (Monthly Ads)

The new design of has drastically increased the number of advertising impressions our ads receive. We can now guarantee 300,000 impressions per month on a monthly campaign, though likely you will get substantially more.

Despite our increased impressions, for a limited time, we will be offering our old ad rates:

Contract Length 12 Months 6 Months 3 Months 1 month
Monthly Rate$112.50$120$134$150
Total Savings$450$180$48

Advertise Your Event

Basic event listings will always be free on, but you can drastically increase your exposure by adding a poster to your listing and to the poster area on the side of the site.

We have 3 plans to chose from. All include your poster under your listing in the calendar. They also include a varying number of impressions in the poster area on the right side of every page of the site. These views allow you to get the word out about your event well in advance.

The rate chart below breaks down the plans. The "length" column is a suggested length for maximum coverage but our system will space your views out evenly from the start of the campaign to the day of your show, so you can use any plan over any time period.

Plan Impressions Length Cost
Light30,0001 week$30
Medium120,0002 weeks$50
Heavy250,0001 month+$75
Hype450,0006 weeks+$100

Contact Info

For information about advertising contact:
Sam Peekeekoot
[email protected]

Advertising Details

  • Ad Dimensions are 280 x 440 pixels (shorter is ok too)
  • Ad graphic for monthly ads can be changed 4 times per month
  • Multi-month campaigns can be paid one sum, or via post-dated cheques.