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Our database currently contains profiles for 13689 bands (3284 of them local.)  As such, you are going to want to narrow down your selection using the dropdown menus below. Remember, all profiles are kept current by the artists themselves.

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Recently Added Bands & Ensembles

    SP & Johnny's Rhumba Kings (Blues with New Orleans flavour)
    The Distractions (Classic Rock)
    40 Grit (Rough Jazz)
    Victoria Rain (Folk/light rock/roots Americana/)
    4 piece band seeks 5th (Contemporary rock covers)
    Sooke Community Choir (Various genres)
    Galactic Mantis (Covers and Originals)
    Tune Raiders (Rock)
    Drop The Roscoe (Psych Grunge)
    Screaming Fury (Melodic Classic Metal)
    Kathy! (Pop Funk)
    The Monik Nordine Quartet (contemporary jazz)
    Symbiotics (Intercultural)