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Artist NameSong Name
The RegentsMr. Postman 1966
The PharaohsDeceiving Me with Norm Winquist on Banjo 1968
Middlesex CountyKan't Make Her Dance
Dashboard ConfessionalHands Down
Dave PrettySeacruze Rock Demo
Modern Day SavageAre You With Me Jesus?
Societys ParasitesWho's on your side?
Wellington ParkFirecracker
Kuba OmsRide On
The KlaxonDia al Sur
Junior LegendMr. Right
Barrington Levy & Detour PosseLiving Dangerously
Broken HeartsThe Thrill Is Gone 1981 (Live @ Olys in Victoria)
Barrington Levy & Detour PosseStruggler
MalefactionTopic of the day
Wicked ShimmyWaking Up Saturday Morning
Mississippi Live and the Dirty DirtyGoing Down